You keep 100% of your royalties earned from the Stores, unless you have royalty splits without a Rdistribute Subscription (please see our Subscriptions Terms of Use for more information), with the exception of any third-party aggregator fees as well as applicable taxes due from you by law and any payment and banking fees incurred, as well as any amounts to cover any costs related to the handling of money and payments on your behalf. You are to every extent responsible for paying any other rights holders (producer, featured artist etc.) that you might have and any applicable taxes according to the tax laws of your country.


Any royalties and income accrued from Recordings monetised by Youtube Content ID shall be subject to a 15% commission fee charge unless you have a Rdistribute PRO Subscription. The commission will be charged on any royalties and income accrued from February 2021 and onwards, from Youtube Content ID.


Any Recordings subject to a split Commission, will not be charged a fee on royalties accrued from Youtube Content ID.


You agree that your royalties are subject to the conditions and pro rata provisions as agreed in each agreement Rdistribute has entered into with the Stores. The price is determined by us and the Stores, at our sole discretion.


The Stores report your earned royalties to us. Royalties will be credited to your Rdistribute Account monthly. The royalties refer to previous months as reported to us by the Stores after we’ve received payment from the Stores. Each Store has its own timeline delay for reporting your earned royalties, usually between 2-6 months. When royalties have been credited to your account, you are able to request to withdraw the money. Do note that due to the reporting delay, you will not receive any royalties during your first month(s) until Rdistribute has received the first reports from the Stores on your earnings. Any net revenues credited to your account will be held in a bank account owned by Rdistribute, and you agree that you will not receive any interest or other earnings.


The minimum amount of earnings you can payout is $100 USD and cannot be paid out in parts. Your earnings are accumulated and will be carried over until you reach the threshold of $100 USD unless your Account is terminated or cancelled. The payout process takes approximately 1-7 business days. We will do our best to comply with this.


Rdistribute reserves the right to add and change the payout service. We reserve the right to withhold a payout should we suspect that the information is incorrect, that you are involved in any fraudulent or illegal behaviour, that an unauthorized person has accessed your account or if we suspect that you have uploaded infringing Recordings.


Some countries are restricted by the payout service, as amended by them from time to time, and we are unable to process any payment to you should you reside in one of the countries restricted by the payout service. We accept no liability should the payout service restrict payments to a country you reside in. Currently, these countries are Afghanistan, Belarus, Central African Republic, Republic of Congo, Cuba, Eritrea, Guinea-Bissau Iran, Iraq, Libanon, Libya, Liberia, Myanmar, North Korea, Russia, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria, Yemen, Zimbabwe. If you reside in one of these countries, please do not register on our service, as we will be unable to pay out any accrued royalties to you. Should you circumvent this, or breach the payment provider’s terms of use, you agree to us withhold any royalties and terminate your account. We reserve the right to amend this section from time to time.


Should a Store report the wrong amount, however great, of royalties that you have earned, Rdistribute reserves the right to retroactively amend this. Rdistribute assumes no liability regarding reports from Stores.


For our Swedish users. To be tax compliant with current tax laws, it’s mandatory for us to collect your personal number to be able to report to the Swedish Tax Agency how much you’ve earned in royalties each year (swe: kontrolluppgift).

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